Eco walks

The “PICK ONE LEAVE NONE” project is co-financed by the European Union through the ERASMUS+ program Sport 2021.

  • Realisation period:
    01.05.2022. – 30.04.2024.

  • Maximum amount of funds:
    120.000,00 EUR

  • Part of the budget of PK “Tara”:
    45.800,00 EUR

  • Project coordinator:
    Nenad Lečić

  • Members of MA “Tara” project team:
    Petar Nešković
    Obrad Pavlović

General goal of the project: Improvement of ecological sustainability in the mountainous regions of the Western Balkans by mitigating the negative impact of outdoor sports through the engagement of the population of outdoor recreationists

Specific objectives:

  • Assess the current situation regarding the problem of solid waste on mountain trails in the Western Balkans by conducting experiments and analyzes on mountain trails in 4 partner countries
  • Develop and receive PICK ONE NELEAVE NONE simple and safe waste collection principles
  • Getting to know the key players in the outdoor sports sector with the PICK ONE LEAVE NONE principle
  • Assessment of the effects of the implementation of the PICK ONE NO LEAVE NONE principle through thorough experiments and analyzes on mountain trails in 4 partner countries
  • Raise the awareness of a large number of recreationists in outdoor sports about the importance of the impact of recreational mountaineering and other sports activities on the environment on marked and arranged trails in nature.
  • To create a network of organizations from four European countries, promoting connections and environmental sustainability in outdoor sports